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ART'SCOOL for KIDS - Specializing in Fine Art & Creative Learning

Terry opens up her studio to teach art to children four times a week, specialising in observational drawing and oil painting for teenagers on Saturdays.


Term 1 Observational Drawing and Painting Program 2018

    1  Jan 29,30,31             Observational Drawing: Summertime Feet & Shoes

    2. Feb 5,6,7                   Cartoon Painting: Donald Duck . . . quack, quack!

    3. Feb 12,13,14             Proportional Drawing: People without big heads

    4. Feb 19,20,21             Pastel Drawing: Magical Unicorns

    5. Feb 26,27,28             Star Wars Characters

    6. March 5,6,7               Acrylic Painting: Upside down study of Dinosaurs

    7. March 12*,13,14        Still Life Drawing: Fruit in detail

    8. March 19,20,21          Acrylic Painting: Bugs and Brushmarks

    9. March 26,27,28          Clay Modelling: Free Choice

     * Labour Day Holiday    No class  

 Please select a day which suits to book in for the whole term as your child will benefit from a series of lessons as opposed to a few.  Art is a visual language which takes time.

It is widely known that by using both hemispheres of the brain (right side = creative and left side = analytical) children's learning capacity increases.   


Telephone: GLEN IRIS 0400 272 335

Email:       Facbook: Arts'cool for Kids

Time and Cost

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday multi-age classes (ages 5 to 12) 

4:00pm - 5:30pm $37(GST Incl)  Art materials, art smocks and apple break provided

Wednesday - Adult Drawing & Painting Classes  10.00am - 12.00  $50.00 (GST Incl)

Saturday - Teenage Drawing classes ( 13 - 19)   2.30 - 4.30pm      $50.00 (GST Incl)